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NY Philharmonic starts new era on TV Wednesday night

September 15, 2009
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By Jacob Stockinger

Classical music lovers should like this mid-week concert that doesn’t make us rush through dinner and stay out late.

So save Wednesday night for the PBS series “Live from Lincoln Center” (produced by Emmy-winning UW-Madison graduate John Goberman) will televise the orchestra’s opening night’s celebration of the 50th anniversary of Lincoln Center, the iconic performing arts complex in New York City. (Can it really be 50 years since it went up?)

Even if you can watch this enjoyable historic event live, you can record it for later viewing.

The broadcast will feature the opening of the first season and the national debut of the New York Philharmonic’s 42-year-old new music director and conductor Alan Gilbert (below), whose parents have long been connected to the Philharmonic.AlanGilbert3

He’s young, he’s good and he is adventurous in his programming, which some observers are skeptical about and others are wildly enthusiastic about. (For a profile with question-and-answer interview, see

The programming for Wednesday night’s concert seems to show how Gilbert will mix the old and the new.

Superstar soprano Renee Fleming (right) will solo reneefleming in 20th-century composer Olivier Messiaen’s orchestral songs “Poemes pour Mi,” the world premiere of a work by contemporary  Finnish composer Magnus Lindberg and then Hector Berlioz’ long-respected and frequently performed mainstream Romantic masterwork “La Symphonie Fantastique,” which includes the famous drug-induced hallucination passage and also a march to the scaffold.

Check the story and local listings at PBS:

In Wisconsin, the concert will be broadcast Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on Wisconsin Public Television Channel 21  (WHA-TV in Madison) and on the high definition channel. (Following it at 10 p.m. will be the Vienna Philharmonic’s Summer Concert with Daniel Barenboim.)

Be sure to let The Ear know if you like having TV concerts included in the blog.

And don’t forget a short review of the concert with what you think of Gilbert and the program. Here’s a chance for you to be the critic.

The Ear wants to hear.

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Use a ‘nom de blog’ to leave comments. What will get more responses?

September 15, 2009
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By Jacob Stockinger

I have been heartened and gratified by the number of “hits’ so far for “The Well-Tempered Ear.” It took more than two weeks to reach the first 500 hits, and now it has almost 900 only one week later.

But I keep asking questions and expecting more comments in response to them.

But then last week one reader said to me in person that they were concerned about their identity floating around on the web.

So let me reassure you: Comments can be and do get filtered before they posted to keep out spam and and private info, if that is requested.

So feel free to have and use a “nom de blog,” as some readers already do, or to ask me to protect your identity. Be inventive, as you some readers have been. See for yourself from their comments.

Maybe that advice or suggestion will bring in some more comments from my readers who, I am sure, have strong opinions about much of what I write.

If there is more I can to encourage you to comment — certain topics, kinds of stories, ways of asking –please tell me.

Remember that tomorrow, Wednesday, is Best Bets day and will have a lot now that the season is heating up.

That’s all for now. It’s the  coda to today, so to speak, except to say:

To Ear wants to hear.

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