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Classical music celebration: Using Mozart and Chopin to say Happy Father’s Day. Can you think of other music to mark the holiday?

June 20, 2010

By Jacob Stockinger

The problems that both Mozart and Beethoven had with their overly ambitious fathers are nothing new, and are in fact legendary.

Not for nothing is a famous and popular Russian novel by Ivan Turgenev named “Fathers and Sons.”

But nonetheless — if you go to YouTube, you might expect something offered as a variety of serious classical music choices to mark Father’s Day and to honor fathers, no matter what frictions we have with them. Mothers certainly have received their due from classical composers.

I came across some amateur performances posted by their proud fathers, but not a lot else.

Maybe we can help remedy that.

One dad used Mozart’s first composition, a little piece of juvenilia, to honor fathers:

And here, in memory of my own father — who took to my first, and life-changing, recital by Arthur Rubinstein in Carnegie Hall (it was the iconic all-Chopin program on Nov. 10, 1961 and we sat on the stage with the master) — is a legendary and popular Chopin nocturne that was a favorite of my Dad’s:

I hope you can come up with some other suitable classical music choices — opera arias seem like a rich vein to explore –to mark Father’s Day.

Let me know your nominations or choices and maybe we can put something — pieces dedicated to fathers or written for fathers — up on YouTube in time for next year’s celebration.

The Ear wants to hear.

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