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Classical music news: National Public Radio — or NPR — sees growth in doing stories about all kinds of musicmusic

August 15, 2010

By Jacob Stockinger

Yesterday I blogged about a story about a piano competition for young people that appeared last Sunday on National Public Radio.

It’s not by chance it was aired.

If it seems to you that NPR is doing more stories about music of all kinds — from young rockers to classical fare, from recordings to live performances — you’re not wrong. The NPR music team (below) is busy these days.

Even as a lot of newspapers and TV shows cut back on arts programming, apparently NPR has found that music pays off with their listeners.

And that is sweet news to The Ear.

Here is a link that explores to a New York Times story about what is happening at NPR:

And that doesn’t even cover the various excerpts of music you hear on various programs. For those, just go to npr.0rg and type in music interludes in the search engine.

You’ll get detailed information about the piece, the artist and the recording, in case you want to buy it for your own library.

What do you think of NPR doing more music stories?

Do you listen to them?

The Ear wants to hear.

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