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Classical music news: The Well-Tempered Ear turns 1-year-old today. So, what are the blog postings you liked the best and least? And what would you like to see more of or less of in the coming year?

August 20, 2010

By Jacob Stockinger

Happy Birthday to me!

To you.

To us.

To all of us.

One year ago today — back on Aug. 20, 2009 — The Well-Tempered Ear started with its first posting, which was an introduction to me and my intentions.

That makes my classical music blog exactly one year old.

In human development terms, that means it is getting to be time to stop crawling and start walking.

When I go back and check the records, I see that the first month or two averaged about 300 hits – often what I get in a single day now.

I thought that by today it would reach somewhere between 65,000 and 70,000. And that estimate seems pretty on target.

How about 150,000 hits by the next year? Do you, loyal readers, think  that goal is do-able and can be attained?

If so, what would you like to see more of? Less of?

Local music reviews? Q&A’s with performers?

Best bets? Photo essays? CD reviews?

Links to national stories? General musings about music and culture?

Longer or shorter postings?

Less frequent postings?

Please, help by giving me the advice I am asking for.

It’s hard to tell what readers want just from the figures. The two biggest postings this first year were entirely different in nature: One was a review of the Dvorak Trio CD with Yo-Yo Ma, Emanuel Ax and Izthak Perlman; the other was a review of the UW Choral Union performing Beethoven’s “Missa Solemnis.”

And how can I get readers to comment even more? So far, there are about 700 comments, with half of those being my replies (I do try to reply to every comment). Does the blog need more controversy? Or maybe just wider distribution?

In the meantime, all hits count – but subscriptions count even more.

So if you have enjoyed this blog, please pass it along and spread the word to friends, family, colleagues, arts organizations and strangers.

And if you haven’t enjoyed, tell me how I can improve it so that you do want to follow it.

The role of the blog certainly seems to grow more important with each day when I see how local and national media of all kinds ignores serious art and culture to focus on more “popular” and profitable culture.

Anyway, I offer you many thanks for a good year.

And I say Cheers! to the coming year.

Thanks all.

The Ear

AKA Jake

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