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Classical music news: Gramophone Magazine announces its Best of the Year awards for recordings

October 10, 2010

By Jacob Stockinger

Gramophone Magazine remains the most prestigious and respected classical music magazines in the world.

It’s true that a lot of other organizations in the so-called, on-line “new media” – especially blogs and websites – offer competition.

But even Gramophone Magazine (below) has beefed up its web presence to the point of excellence. It is now a site where you can spend a lot of time exploring the past, present and future of classical music.

The magazine names Best of the Month awards and offers a lot of guidance for listening to and purchasing classical music.

The latest edition features articles of their new list of Best of the Year record awards but also an interview with superstar pianist Martha Argerich and many other intriguing news and features.

Go see for yourself. Here is a link the Gramophone’s home website:

As for their record awards, which are something you should explore, as I will — especially with the gift-giving holiday season coming upon us – you should know that the British magazine is often accused of bias towards British and UK-based artists, groups, recording labels and composers.

Sometimes that accusation seems true to me, sometime not.

You can judge for yourself.

You’ll find both well established artists (pianist Alfred Brendel) and newer ones (tenor Mark Padmore).

I don’t know firsthand all the releases they have awarded, but the ones that  I do know are outstanding, I have to agree.

So I tend to trust the Gramophones awards as a guide at least as much as I trust the American Grammy nominations and winners.

You can find a link to the awards at Gramophone’s home website. But the list is all type.

Here is a link to the more eye-worthy list that also has album covers as well as sound samplings:

And here is another will extra added:

And here is a link to the NPR blog Deceptive Cadence that has some analysis and commentary:

What do you think of Gramophone Magazine, both the print edition and on-line?

What do you think of the Gramophone awards?

Let Ear wants to hear.

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