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Here is my classical music Valentine for 2011. What piece would you choose?

February 13, 2011

By Jacob Stockinger

Tomorrow is Valentine’s Day. But of course it falls on a Monday – a weekday when people are busy with everyday jobs and errands.

So, as I did last year – when I posted three small solo piano romances by Robert Schumann, Johannes Brahms and Gabriel Faure (you can check it I out via the link below or through this blogs search engine) — I am posting a musical Valentine.’s-day/

This time my choice is a movement from a single larger work. But what a movement! The whole piece – the Piano Quartet in E-flat major, Op. 47, by the  Romantic composer Robert Schumann — is great, but this part is especially gorgeous and poignant, a dance of the heart.

Isn’t Schumann, with his deep and ultimately fulfilled longing for Clara Wieck (below, with Robert) that he expressed in his piano work, songs, chamber music and other works, the quintessential Valentine composer?

It is also a work that I first heard with my Valentine sitting next to me at the Wisconsin Union Theater. The pianist was our favorite, Emanuel Ax (below), playing with the Cleveland Quartet – the same artists in the video/audio below.

We first heard this lovely work together sitting in the front rows of the Wisconsin Union Theater in a live performance. So it is a piece I closely identify with my Valentine and with all the experiences we have shared since then, including so many years of loving and caring for each other and listening to music together. I love you Valentine, always have and always will.

I hope you, reader, enjoy it too, especially if it is new to you.

And maybe you can forward this post and share it with your special Valentine.

Also, be sure to tell me and other readers: What piece of classical music would you post or play for your Valentine?

Or what piece would you want others to post or play for you?

The Ear wants to hear.

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