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Classical music news: Metropolitan Opera will tour to disaster-stricken Japan. New Mexico Symphony Orchestra falls into silence. Composer Peter Lieberman dies. Sony head and opera baritone Norio Ohga dies. Philip Glass founds a new festival. | April 30, 2011

By Jacob Stockinger

This is getting to be upsetting, with so many obituaries for individuals and for symphony orchestras to include each week.

It’s been a dark spring, as far as The Ear is concerned.

Still, there are some bright spots.

Take a look:

ITEM: And another one bites the dust. A week after the Philadelphia Orchestra files for bankruptcy, so does the New Mexico Symphony Orchestra:

ITEM: Despite initial health concerns, the Metropolitan Opera will go ahead with a tour to disaster-stricken Japan:

ITEM: American composer Peter Lieberson dies at 64, just five years after his singer wife Lorraine Hunt Lieberson dies. Hear some of his music and read the details:

ITEM: Former opera singer Norio Ohga, who headed Sony and invented the CD and also conducted, dies:

ITEM: The young American conductor John Axelrod is chosen to head the Verdi Symphony in Milan, Italy:

ITEM:  If you think of early music pioneer John Eliot Gardiner as devoted to baroque German music, think again, which is why he was honored by the French:égion-dhonneur

ITEM: Composer Philip Glass, 74, establishes his own summer festival in California:

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