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Classical music: Moldovan soprano is new Singer of the World. Neville Marriner to conduct for peace. Can “new music” save freelance musicians? Visit the Boston Early Music Festival. | June 25, 2011

By Jacob Stockinger

Today’s news clips involve both new musicians and honored veterans.

Plus, there is of mixing early music and new music.

Take a look, have a read and see what you think.

ITEM: Wales proclaims a new Singer of the World (below):

ITEM: Conductor Sir Neville Marriner (below) wants to follow Daniel Barenboim in making music an instrument of peace and cultural understanding in Eastern Europe:

ITEM: New York City, like other cities around the world,  throws an unusual do-it-yourself music and  piano sculpture (below) party to mark  the summer solstice and a citywide Make Music New York festival:

ITEM: Look at flutist Claire  Chase (below) and see if New Music a salvation for freelance musicians caught in the tough economy today:

ITEM: Maybe you couldn’t be there. So, what was the celebrated Boston Early Music Festival (below) like?


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