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Classical music Q&A: What -– besides an orange micro-skirt, Lady Gaga and whirlwinds of notes — makes pianist Yuja Wang sizzle?

October 17, 2011

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By Jacob Stockinger

The record of so many hits on this blog and others web sites show that the public remains fascinated with the 24-year-old beautiful and charismatic piano phenom Yuja Wang (below).

Of course, the most recent buzz on the web came from her appearance playing the Rachmaninoff Third concerto in Hollywood Bowl (below) in an orange micro-skirt that stirred up controversy.

But it does this immensely talented musician a disservice to restrict her appeal to such fireworks.

So I recently came across some other interviews and Q&A’s with Wang that tell you about her personality, her career (which includes three outstanding recordings for Deutsche Grammophon and a very hectic concert schedule) and her taste in music and pianists.

I hope you find them as informative as I do.

They should reassure you, as they do me, that Yuja Wang confronts us with a major talent that has unlimited potential – one I hope we get to hear live in Madison in either a recital or concerto or both before she becomes too expensive (unless she already is!) to book here.

Maybe we could even book her in the famous micro-skirt and she, along with some other young soloists, would attract a younger and newer audience? It might be worthy trying, no?

So read away, then write in your comments and reactions.

The Ear wants to hear.

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