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Classical music: The Ear explains his two-week silence and thanks all of you who sent in comments and especially your good wishes on the third anniversary of this blog.

August 30, 2012

By Jacob Stockinger

Thank you, dear readers, thank you.

So many of you have written replies to my posts. This is especially true of your generous thanks and good wishes for the third anniversary of this blog on Aug. 20. I am overwhelmed with gratitude.

Here is a link to that posting so that you can read my words and then all the wonderful comments for yourself:

But some of you may be wondering – with good reason — why there has not been a response from me in return.

The answer is simple: I was out of the country for two weeks, from Aug. 12 to Aug. 27. Also, while I was away I did not have easy computer access. And even if I had, the vacation or break was very welcome – not something that I wanted to interrupt or occupy with emails and blogging.

It might seem as if I were blogging because the posts continued every day. But they were all prepared in advance. That is not something you can do with replies to comments.

So please accept my deepest thanks and do not think your kindness and generosity are unappreciated. On the contrary, they help me want to keep the blog active is some way rather than give it up entirely.

Whether the writer is me or a guest blogger, whether the topic is local or national, I intend to reconcile what seem like contradictory goals: to cut back on daily blogging and use my time for other things but also to keep the blog active, engaging and helpful.

So where was I on vacation?

Well, tune in tomorrow for the answer. It matters musically.

And thank you again.

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