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Classical music alert: The 36th annual Karp Family Labor Day concert tonight HAS BEEN CANCELLED.

September 3, 2012
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By Jacob Stockinger

Late word has come through that tonight’s 36th annual Labor Day Concert by the Karp family (bel0w) HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS.

No other details are available at this time.


The Ear and his blog followers plus many, many others send out best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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Classical music: For Labor Day 2012, you must hear this – Frederic Rzewski’s “The People United Will Never Be Defeated.”

September 3, 2012

ALERT: The 36th annual Labor Day Concert TONIGHT by three generations of the Karp Family (below) HAS BEEN CANCELLED DUE TO ILLNESS. No other details are available.

By Jacob Stockinger

Labor Day this year falls in a presidential election year.

Is it too much to hope for facts, not insults and lies?

Is it too much to admit that most of us are just ordinary people, not small business people or billionaires disguised as so-called “job creators”?

Is it too much to hope that racism and narrow thinking prevail over an unthinking use of the word “freedom”?

Is it too much to realize that freedom still comes with a social compact that provides a government to keep us from anarchy and despair?

Anyway, here is what seems to be becoming a Labor Day tradition for The Ear: A performance by supervirtuoso pianist Marc-Andre Hamelin (at bottom) of the work by American composer Frederic Rzewski (below). It is the mammoth andy creative work, “The People United Will Never Be Defeated,” which takes its title from a populist chant and traverses 36 variations over almost an hour.

Last year, I got to hear it live performed by University of Wisconsin virtuoso pianist Christopher Taylor. It is really moving when done live.

But the recorded version is also impressive and moving.

Do you have a favorite piece of classical music or opera to share to celebrate Labor Day? Let The Ear and his followers know by leaving a Comment and a link to YouTube, if possible.

Happy listening and Happy Labor Day!

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