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Classical music: Write a guest blog post for The Well-Tempered Ear.

September 16, 2013

By Jacob Stockinger


I don’t know why I didn’t do this sooner, well before The Well-Tempered Ear blog recently passed 800,000 hits, but I just didn’t.

Yet judging from a lot of the remarks I get in the COMMENT section of this blog, many of the readers of The Well-Tempered Ear could do some fine blog writing themselves.

So I am offering all readers a chance to write a guest blog post. (The final decision about publication or posting, however, is mine.)

By necessity, The Ear is imposing some rules, restrictions and requests.


Your entry has to be written in English with correct grammar and relatively short sentences. Of course, no cheating or plagiarizing will be allowed.


The subject could be a concert review or feature preview – maybe a profile or a Q&A — in the Madison area or related to the University of Wisconsin or other education institution and groups as well as individual and group performers . But please do not have a conflict of interest or else explain your connection with a full disclosure.

You could also write a review of a recording or book – either something new or an old favorite — related to classical music.

the rest is noise BIG USE

joshua bell ASMF beethoven cd cover

Or a TV or radio show that relates to or uses classical music.

SALmicrophone sign

Or perhaps an Internet site or another classical music blog that you highly recommend.

Maybe you want to write something about playing an instrument or singing or making music yourself, with some tips or advice for others. Hearing from students (below is a shot of the Wisconsin Youth Symphony Orchestras or WYSO) and young people about the rewards of making music would be especially welcome. So is an adult’s recollection of a life-altering musical experience, be it a live concert or a recording  — an Aha! Moment.

WYSO rehesrsal Philharmonia Violins

Or maybe something explaining a favorite composer, piece and performer — with a YouTube link, if possible — so the rest of us can share in listening to it.

Or how to bring more of the general public and young people to classical music, based on your own experiences and thoughts.

I think a good length is 250 to 350 words, but I will certainly consider shorter and longer ones if the length seems justified by the subject matter.

Please include some brief introductory information about yourself and your own involvement with classical music.

And don’t forget basic journalism. After you do the WHO, the WHAT, the WHEN, the WHERE, please do NOT forget the WHY.

That is what will really interest us and help me to choose the entries that I will post on the blog site.

Why do you like this composer (such as J.S. Bach, below) or this piece or this performer? Why should the rest of us listen? Why do you consider it important or a neglected MUST-HEAR?



Submit you entry to me at in a regular text format, either attached as a document or included in the body of the email.

Include an email signature or your real full name, your email, your street address and a phone number in case there is an editing question I have to ask. But of course I can conceal identity or grant anonymity, if that is what you wish and ask for.

Please do not use fancy or complicated formatting, such as separate columns or lists, because it gets difficult to copy and paste them and reproduce such formats in the blog.

Please send text that is aligned to the left and ragged right — NOT hyphenated and justified — and in the Lucida Grande, Verdana or Helvetica fonts in the of size 14 points. The type color should be just plain black. Please avoid underlining, though using capital letters for emphasis is fine.

The Internet or web is a largely visual medium. So please help me illustrate your entry. For any photos of you or artists of other subjects, please size them down and attach them in SMALLER than a 1 MB size and do NOT embed them in the text, which just compounds formatting problems. Include IDs and any photo credit.

digital pocket camera

I am sorry if these requests seem complicated, but they are meant to expedite things and help ensure accuracy and fairness.

If you have a proposal or questions, you can use the same email address to contact me.

And be sure to share the news with any friends or acquaintances.

I look forward to hearing from you — both what you think of the idea of guest bloggers and your own guest blog post, which you can then share with others and spread the word about.

Thank You and Good Luck!

The Ear

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