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Classical music: Here are the 2014 winners of the BBC Music Magazine awards for classic music recordings. | April 26, 2014

By Jacob Stockinger

In another week or two, the live concert season will start winding down until mid-June when the Bach Dancing and Dynamite Society (below top) will start its three weeks of concerts. Then in mid-July will come the Madison Early Music Festival (below bottom).

Here are links to those two events:

BDDS 3 Ferdinand Ries flute quartet

MEMF 2012 left stage

But one of the compensating pleasures of the upcoming spring “intermission” is that you can catch up of some recent or new recordings that you might have overlooked or not had time to listen to during the regular concert season.

At least, you will do that if you are like The Ear.

So, in that spirit, here is a list of the 2014 winners of the BBC Music Magazine for classical recordings, which this year also include the Classical Music App of the Year.

Riccardo Chailly Brahms Symhonies CD Cover

I have sampled some of the recordings, and so far I have to agree: Some bias toward British musicians, music and labels notwithstanding, these are fine, outstanding recordings. You will find some familiar names among the honorees: Daniel Barenboim, Alisa Weilerstein (who has performed at the Wisconsin Union Theater and in the Overture Center with the Madison Symphony Orchestra), Sir Edward Elgar,  Riccardo Chailly, Leipzig Gewandhaus, Johannes Brahms (you can hear some of his symphonies in a YouTube video at the bottom), Ludwig van Beethoven, Benjamin Britten, Johann Sebastian Bach, Elliott Carter,  Richard Wagner, Jonas Kaufmann, Giacomo Puccini and Felix Mendelssohn.

Alisa Weilerstein Daniel Barenboim Elgar and Dvorak CD

But there is always room for more suggestions. So I encourage all readers to send in any relatively new recordings that they consider discovered good enough to be shared. Just leave the information in the COMMENT section.

Meanwhile, here is a link to the BBC winners:




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  1. How many other new recordings could be substituted here for any of these certainly wonderful titles? It has to be such a political and popularity contest to win ANY award, be it from a jury of experts or peers, the public or any editorial staff.
    From local pop music to the heights of the World Stage for the Classics, new and old, there is a lotta good stuff out there, and most people who make a recording of new music or standard repertoire have all their cylinders firing just to get the CD made.
    So, sure, why not give the BBC Award to all of this music, and give the NPR award to an entirely different but probably equally deserving bunch of stuff.
    And then there is France, and Italy…etc.
    Awards make the world go ’round, so, let’s have on with them, let’s see them ALL, and then we’ll know each country’s biases, at least.

    Comment by Michael BB — April 26, 2014 @ 9:16 am

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