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Classical music: Happy Fourth of July! Here is a five-hour playlist of mostly classical music for Independence Day | July 4, 2016

CORRECTION: Friday’s post about the fourth annual Handel Aria Competition made a mistake about when it will be held. The correct time is next FRIDAY, July 8, at 7:30 p.m. in Mills Hall. The Ear regrets the error. General admission is $10. Here is a link with more information:

By Jacob Stockinger

Today is the Fourth of July, 2016.

It’s Independence Day. (The image below is by Nicholas Kamm of Getty Images.)

Fourth of July crowd diverse Nicholas Kamm: Getty Images

The Ear doesn’t have to do much work today to mark the occasion, the most important national holiday.

NPR, or National Public Radio, did it for him.

The Deceptive Cadence blog asks: What makes American music American?


And the public radio network provided a FIVE-HOUR playlist of mostly classical music to help you celebrate.

The Ear is very impressed with the variety of music and composers.

He hopes you will be too. It is worth checking out even if you don’t play a lot of it. Or any of it, for that matter.

Here is it:

Enjoy and have a Happy Fourth – and feel free to leave a COMMENT with your own favorite choice, especially if it has been omitted from the NPR list.



  1. Here is a better list for the 4th of July:

    1. J. Philip Souza “The Stars and Stripes Forever”;
    2. J. Philip Souza, “Semper Fidelis”;
    3. L. Bernstein, “West Side Story” (all of it);
    4. L. Bernstein, “Age of Anxiety” symphony;
    5. L. Bernstein, “On the Town”;
    6. Rogers and Hammerstein, “Oklahoma!”
    7. Rogers and Hammerstein, “The Sound of Music”;
    8. S. Barber, “Adagio for Strings”;
    9. Jerome Kern, “All the Things You Are”
    10. J. Kern and O. Hammerstein, “Old Man River”;
    11. G. Gershwin, “Rhapsody in Blue”;
    12. “, “I got Rhythm”;
    13. “, “Porgy & Bess”(all of it);
    14. “, “Strike up the Band”;
    15. “, “An American in Paris”;
    16. A. Dvorak, “New World Symphony”;
    17. A. Shaw, “Concerto for Clarinet”;
    18. A. Shaw, “Nightmare”;
    19. H. Carmichael, “Star Dust”;
    20. C. Porter, “Begin the Beguine”;
    21. C. Porter, “You’re The Top”;
    22. B. Goodman, “Stompin at the Savoy”;
    23. B. Goodman, “Let’s Dance”;
    24. L. Prima, “Sing, Sing, Sing”;
    25. A. Copland, “Fanfare for the Common Man”;
    26. “, “Appalachian Spring”;
    27. “, “Clarinet Concerto”;
    28. “, “Billy the Kid”;
    29. “, “Symphony #3”;
    30. H. Hanson, “Symphony #2”, “The Romantic”;
    31. “, “Symphony #3”;
    32. “, “Song of Democracy”;
    33. A. Hovhaness, “Symphony #50 “Mt. St. Helen’s”;
    34. “, “Prayer of St. Gregory”;
    35. “, Symphony #2, “Mysterious Mountain”;
    36. “, Symphony #6, “Celestial Gate”;
    37. “, “Symphony #22, “City of Light”;
    38. “, “The Garden of Adonis”;
    39. “, Guitar Concerto #1”;
    40. “, Guitar Concerto #2;
    41. “, “Spirit of Trees”;
    42. “, “Symphony #66, “Hymn to Glacier Peak”;
    43. A. Hovhaness, “Concerto for Harp & String Orchestra, Opus 267”;
    44. C. Ives, “Variations on America”
    45. J. Cage, “In a Landscape”;
    46. S. Joplin, “The Entertainer” (rag);
    47. J. Howe, “The Battle Hymn of the Republic”;
    48. G. M. Cohan, “Yankee Doodle Dandy”;
    49. M. Anderson and K. Weil, “September Song”;
    50. D. Ellington, B. Strayhorn, “Take the A Train”;
    51. “, “Satin Doll”;
    52. D. Ellington, “It don’t Mean a Thing (If it ain’t got that swing)”;
    53. “, “Mood Indigo”;
    54. “, “Diminuendo and Crescendo in Blue”;
    55. B. Strayhorn, “Chelsea Bridge”;
    56. C. Basie, “Shiny Stockings”;
    57. W. G. Still, “Symphony #1”;
    58. A. Beach, Symphony #32, “Gaelic”;
    59. “, Piano Concerto In C Sharp;
    60. “, “Romance” for piano and violin;
    61. “, “Piano Quintet”;
    62. “, “Hermit Thrush at Eve, Op. 92”;
    63. S. Foster, “Camptown Races”;
    64. “, “My Old Kentucky Home”;
    65. “, “Oh! Susanna”;
    66. M. Ager and J. Yellen, “Happy Days are Here Again”;
    67. J. Adams, “Shaker Loops”;
    68. J. Cage, “In a Landscape”;
    69. P. Glass, “Akhnaten”;
    70. “, Glassworks”;
    71. “, “Metamorphosis 1-5”;
    72. “, “The Hours”;
    73. “, Violin Concerto #1
    74. M. Lauridsen, “O Magnum Mysterium”;
    75. R. Thompson, “Alleluia”
    76. Anon. “Deep River”; Dale Warland, arrangement;
    77. S. Paulus, “The Road Home”, Dale Warland, arrangement;
    78. Shaker Hymn, “Not One Sparrow is Forgotten,” Dale Warland, arrangement;
    79. W. Guthrie, “This Land is Your Land”;
    80. Joan Towers, “Fanfare for the Uncommon Woman”
    81. Bob Dylan, “The Times, They are a-changin”;
    82. “, “A Hard Rains, A-gonna fall”;
    83. “, “Knockin’ on Heaven’s Door”;
    84. “, “Masters of War”;
    85. “, “Blowin In the Wind”;
    86. P. Seeger and L. Hays, “If I Had a Hammer”;
    87. P. Seeger, “Turn, Turn, Turn”;
    88. P. Yarrow and L. Lipton , “Puff the Magic Dragon”;
    89. J. Denver, “Leaving, On a Jet Plane”;
    90. T. Wynette and B. Sherrill, “Stand by Your Man”
    91. W. Piston, Symphony #6
    92. L. Harrison, Piano Concerto;
    93. J. Williams, music from “Star Wars”;
    94. J. Williams, “Hymn to the Fallen” (“Saving Private Ryan”);
    95. J. Williams, “Schindler’s Theme” (“Schindler’s List”)
    96. E. Korngold, Violin Concerto in D Major;
    97. M Rózsa. , “Violin Concerto, Opus 24” (ditto);
    98. “, “Sinfonia Concertante, Op. 29, for violin, cello, and orchestra”
    99. “, “To Everything There is a Season, Op. 20”

    100. Kurt Weil, “Four Walt Whitman Songs for voice and piano (or orchestra), text: Walt Whitman.

    I know Korngold, Rózsa, and Weil were not born in the USA; they all lived here for many years.

    Comment by fflambeau — July 4, 2016 @ 4:52 am

  2. Also missing on that list:

    Barber, “Adagio For Strings”; Bernstein, West Side Story (Only “America” is included); Bernstein, “The Age of Anxiety” symphony; Bernstein, “On the Town”; anything by Amy Beach, John Philip Sousa, Cole Porter, Jerome Kern, John Williams and many others.


    Comment by fflambeau — July 4, 2016 @ 1:47 am

  3. A lousy and predictable list.

    Only 1 selection by Alan Hovhaness (Mt. St. Helen’s Symphony); it should at least have also included his Prayer to St. Gregory.

    Nor am I sure why Tchaikovsky (1812 overture) is on this list!

    Also, only 1 selection each from P. Glass and H. Hanson.

    None by Woody Herman, Benny Goodman, Artie Shaw, Dale Warland, Steve Allen, Morten Lauridsen etc.

    Comment by fflambeau — July 4, 2016 @ 1:21 am

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