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Classical music: The UW’s Pro Arte Quartet and Wingra Wind Quintet join forces this Saturday night in a FREE performance of the famous Octet by Franz Schubert. You can also hear a free concert of music by Brouwer, Nazareth and Rodrigo this Friday at noon. | October 25, 2017

ALERT: This Friday’s FREE Noon Musicale at the First Unitarian Society of Madison, 900 University Bay Drive, will feature guitarist Christopher Allen, violist Shannon Farley and flutist Iva Ugrcic. The program includes music by Leo Brouwer, Ernesto Nazareth and Joaquin Rodrigo. The concert runs from 12:15 to 1 p.m.

By Jacob Stockinger

It is one of the towering masterpieces of chamber music composed in the 19th century.

And the lyrical, dance-like and upbeat Octet for strings and winds by Franz Schubert (below top) will be performed in a FREE concert this Saturday night at 8 p.m. in Mills Hall. (The opening page of the autograph manuscript is below bottom.) 

The program also features the “Introduction and Variations for flute and piano,” D. 802, by Schubert, with flutist Timothy Hagen (below top) and pianist Daniel Fung (below bottom).

Then comes the one-hour Octet in F Major, D. 803. (You can hear some of it in the YouTube video at the bottom.) For more about the Octet, which is Schubert’s largest chamber work and uses themes from a song and other vocal music by him, go to the Wikipedia entry:

Performers for the entire concert come from the combined UW faculty forces of the Pro Arte String Quartet (below, in a photo by Rick Langer) and the Wingra Wind Quintet.

In the Octet, the performers are: David Perry and Suzanne Beia, violin; Sally Chisholm, viola; Parry Karp, cello; Alicia Lee, clarinet (below top); Joanna Schulz, horn (below middle); Marc Vallon, bassoon (below bottom, in a photo by James Gill); and David Scholl, double bass.

For information about the Pro Arte Quartet, go to:

For information about the Wingra Wind Quintet, go to:


  1. I very much want to attend the concert but won’t because of the Freakfest chaos. Too many streets will be closed, it will be hard to get to the lake Street Ramp,and will there be parking when you get there. I know these issues from prior concert experience with Freakfest. The concert could have been moved to earlier in the afternoon or to Sunday. These events do have to be taken into account. The Madison Symphony once had a concert on Freakfest Saturday and said they would never do that again – and they haven’t.

    Comment by Elizabeth Conklin — October 26, 2017 @ 8:11 am

  2. I’m guessing that no one at the SoM bothered to check the calendar when scheduling this concert.

    It’s Halloween weekend, therefore Freakfest will be in full swing by the time the concert starts. And with both Johnson and Gorham closed through the Isthmus, people from the east side will have a difficult time getting there.

    Being a west-side, it won’t affect me, but the timing certainly could have been better.

    Comment by bratschespeilerin — October 25, 2017 @ 1:09 am

    • Madison is becoming a large city. Those who want to attend will somehow make it. The notion that only 1 event should be scheduled a day strikes me as ludicrous.

      Comment by fflambeau — October 25, 2017 @ 4:10 am

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