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Classical music: You can mix beer and cello duets this Saturday afternoon for free | October 26, 2017

By Jacob Stockinger

The Ear has received the following announcement — with news of two composers he has never heard of — to post from The Malt House tavern (below) on the eastside of Madison at the corner of East Washington Avenue and Milwaukee Street:

This Saturday, Oct. 28, from 3 to 5 p.m., cellist Taralie Peterson (below top) joins frequent Malt House performer Karl von Huene (below bottom) to play some cello duets.

I’ve been told the duo will play works by composers Johann Sebastian Bach (below top), Friedrich August Kummer (below middle) and Jacques Féréol Mazas (below bottom).

You can hear Kummer’s Cello Duet No. 1 in the YouTube video at the bottom.

There is no charge.


Bill Rogers, The Malt House

For more information about The Malt House, go to:


  1. Sloppy post that is not well-thought out.

    First off, if you are quoting someone, and it appears you are quoting someone from the Malt House, that should be in quotation marks. No?
    That’s pretty basic.

    Secondly, rather than criticizing indirectly the choice of composers (“The Ear has received the following announcement — with news of two composers he has never heard of…”) why not provide some background (easily found) on both Kummer and Marzas. Why not instead celebrate the fact that the audience will be hearing some compositions they likely have not heard before; both Kummer and Marzas were accomplished musicians and virtuoso performers on the cello. Instead of a kick in the groin, maybe the Malt House and whoever put together this program (which you provide no information about) should instead get a “tip of the hat” for doing something a bit differently.

    Third, sloppy writing: you have not heard “news” of the two composers, you have heard that their works will be performed.

    Sorry, but your whole post looks half-baked and more than a bit disrespectful.

    Comment by fflambeau — October 26, 2017 @ 5:37 am

    • Sadly enough, there should be a fourth in my post above.

      The link you provided for the cellist Karl von Heune actually leads to a different (and dead) person: the German paleontologist Friedrich von Huene. Sloppy work!

      Comment by fflambeau — October 26, 2017 @ 5:59 am

      • Well, at least you removed the link which was hugely off base as is the rest of this column! LAZY.

        Comment by fflambeau — October 26, 2017 @ 9:30 pm

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