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Classical music: The Madison Early Music Festival announces the dates and theme of next year’s 21st annual festival | July 23, 2019

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By Jacob Stockinger

The Ear has received the following news update:

As things wind down after the 2019 Madison Early Music Festival (MEMF), we want to extend a big thank you to our visiting concert artists, lecturers and faculty, all participants enrolled in the workshops, those who volunteered, and the Friends of MEMF who provided coffee and treats every morning.

Thanks to the many concert and lecture attendees along with our promotional and financial supporters. We were pleased to welcome 103 registrants and over 2,800 people in attendance at our Concert Series, lectures, fringe concerts, and our dance event, Grand Tour Excursions.

Thank you to everyone who helped bring the Grand Tour to life during the 20th annual celebration of the Madison Early Music Festival! We look forward to seeing you July 11-18, 2020 for Music at the Burgundian Court. (You can sample some of the Burgundian court music in the YouTube video below.)

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  1. I think its a good idea that the MEMF extends its reach to French/Flemish/Dutch music in the next year. There’s lots of good early music from that area.

    However, I think they should provide some idea as to what they mean when they refer to the music at the “Burgundian Court” geographically as well as the time frame.

    As I understand it, the “Burgundian Court” can refer to the area around the modern region of Burgundy and/or it can mean an area further North (Burgundian Flanders and the Low countries). It can also mean Holland the Netherlands, Luxembourg and more.

    It is an area, and a court, that kept expanding due to marital additions so it is a bit confusing especially since it has been absorbed by modern day France, Holland, etc. At its peak, it occupied a very large area stretching from Chalon-Nevers-Dijon to Flanders and Luxembourg and Den Haag, Amsterdam, Neuss, in the North.

    Perhaps some further clarification is necessary. .


    Comment by fflambeau — July 23, 2019 @ 3:04 am

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