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Classical music news clips: Dudamel extends contract with LA Phil. Why Chopin hallucinated. Composer Milton Babbitt dies. Vintage record companies face big changes. New World Symphony premieres in Frank Gehry HQ in Miami. And Holocaust violins get saved.

February 5, 2011
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By Jacob Stockinger

Here are some usual and unusual items for The Ear’s weekly news round-up:

ITEM: Young superstar maestro Gustavo Dudamel (below) has extended his contract with the Los Angeles Philharmonic. Gee, are you as surprised as The Ear is?

ITEM: Chopin (below) suffered from epilepsy as well as tuberculosis and that could explain his hallucinations:

ITEM: Composer Milton Babbitt (below), the first classical composer to use a synthesizer, dies at 94:

ITEM: Decca is relaunched as Decca Classics:

ITEM: EMI taken over by bank:

ITEM: New World Symphony score a triumph in new Frank Gehry building (below):

ITEM: Israeli saves Holocaust violins:

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