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What does classical music need to prosper and where should it be headed in 2011?

December 26, 2010
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A reminder: Wisconsin Public Radio will broadcast J.S. Bach‘s “Christmas Oratorio” today starting at noon and Wisconsin Public Television will broadcast “American Masters” featuring the critically acclaimed documentary “Genius Within: The Inner Life of Glenn Gould”  on Monday night at 8 p.m.

By Jacob Stockinger

Can classical music speak for itself these days?

How can it  reach more young people?

Where should it  be performed?

Should it turn to more modern and contemporary repertoire?

Or go back to tried-and-true basics?

How should it be marketed?

These are all important and relevant questions.

The Denver Post recently featured an insightful three-part series by critic Kyle MacMillan on the challenges and troubles and potential facing classical music as well as some possible solutions to the problems.

Now that Christmas shopping and festivities are over, maybe you want something to settle in read and relax by. So here are the appropriate links:

MacMillan’s analysis offers a lot of observations and suggestions that offer room for both agreement and a disagreement.

Over the next week, I’ll feature some other things – including suggestions about how to spend those gift cards and some of the memorable moments I’ve experienced in the past year. And then on New Year’s Eve, I will name The Musician of the Year.

So stay tuned, and stay warm as we head into 2011.

Happy Playing and Happy Listening to you all.

And thanks to all of you for helping The Well-Tempered Year to break 100,000 since it started in August of 2009.

Let me know your thoughts about and reactions to the Denver Post stories.

And here is a post-Christmas gift of one of my own favorite pieces of music that I think speaks eloquently and movingly for itself:

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