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Classical music: Today’s young classical musicians need to develop skills as business entrepreneurs, according to a very credible “NewsHour” report by ace PBS economics reporter Paul Solman.

July 27, 2013
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By Jacob Stockinger

Two weeks ago, I posted about a great report that PBS economics reporter, and Yale University Distinguished Fellow, Paul Solman (below) did on the difficult job market facing even the most talented of young classical musicians.

It drew some good responses from readers.

Paul Solman hat

Here is another report by Paul Solman.

This time, he offers the advice that young classical musicians, and other musicians too, must learn entrepreneurial skills to foster their careers in music.

The report strikes me as really a second-part or follow-up to the first story Solman did about the same issue of young musicians and the difficult job market. This one uses some of the same sources to make points that are similar if not the same, as those found in the first story:

Here is a link to that post I did about the first story two Saturdays ago. It has more background, including why I like Paul Solman so much, and it includes a YouTube video of an interview Solman did with himself:

And here is the link to a similar story he did:

But here is the link to the musician-as-entrepreneur report that he filed. It is well worth watching and listening to, and features both students at the prestigious Juilliard School (below are the very talented pre-college Juilliard students performing) and some professional musicians with established careers:

Juilliard pre-college students

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