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Classical music: Musicians have four times the risk of hearing loss, study shows. Plus, pianist Mark Valenti plays a FREE recital of Brahms, Debussy and Mendelssohn at noon on Friday | January 11, 2017

ALERT: This week’s FREE Friday Noon Musicale at the First Unitarian Society of Madison, 900 University Bay Drive, features pianist Mark Valenti playing music by Szymanowski, Brahms, Debussy and Mendelssohn. The concert runs from 12:15 to 1 p.m.

By Jacob Stockinger

It isn’t new research.

But The Ear stumbled on it and finds it no less compelling or convincing because it is a couple of years old.

Researchers say that musicians run four times the normal risk of hearing loss.

But they also point to things that can be done to lessen the risk.

Whether you are a professional musician, an amateur musician or an avid listener, you might want to read about this research.

So here is a link:



  1. Here’s a clip from YouTube showing Valenti performing Bach:

    Comment by FFlambeau — January 11, 2017 @ 9:09 pm

  2. Pianist Mark Valenti has a pretty accomplished pedigree.

    From his website, here is his repertoire and I fully agree with his statement that “I believe a performance should be first and foremost fresh, spontaneous and alive. I do NOT believe in a planned, prepared, ‘definitive’ interpretation.”

    Valenti has an advanced music degree from Northwestern and has performed internationally.

    Comment by FFlambeau — January 11, 2017 @ 9:02 pm

  3. Your title doesn’t seem to be the same as the contents of the article; it says “hearing loss” which can vary; not “going deaf.”

    Comment by Jeanne Swack — January 11, 2017 @ 12:34 am

    • Thank you for replying, Jeanne.
      When I checked, the definition of deafness includes varying degrees of hearing loss, a term I used in the body of the post.
      But I take your point and have modified the headline.
      Best wishes.

      Comment by welltemperedear — January 11, 2017 @ 6:20 am

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